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Many years ago, when we started Teahouse, we began our search for the perfect meal.  We traveled to different states, even different countries, to find a collection of culinary delights that would excite your taste buds with out-of-this-world flavors and leave all your my senses completely and utterly satiated.  We realized that the object of our travels could not be served at any restaurant. The perfect meal, we found, is a state of mind - a happy and healthy state of mind.


With Teahouse, we try everyday to provide a healthy and memorable culinary experience. Whether it be a simple country breakfast at the B&B, the first slice of cake on a couple's wedding day, or an elaborate five course meal during a gourmet get-away weekend, our goal is to make food, designs, and experiences that make you happy.  Every room in the B&B is designed to make you feel comfortable and at home. The hilltop views and secluded location remind you that you are treating yourself to a special trip, and the smells of breakfast cooking in the morning are sure to have you waking up with a smile.


Our team also offers healthy meals that we prepare in advance and carefully store, so that they can be heated and ready on the table in a matter of minutes in your own home. Life is busy, but we feel that good health should never be compromised. We want to help those that subscribe to our personal chef services to lead healthy lives by serving them organic, well-prepared food when they don't have the time to cook.


Through Teahouse, we can provide nourishing and enchanting food and designs--a Happy Meal, but a whole lot healthier.


Thank you for visiting Teahouse's home on-line!


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