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Who We Are


We started TeaHouse in 1995, preparing savory and pastry foods around the clock for catered weddings, festivals and special occasions.  Our cakes, cookies and pastries are inspired by a fusion of Asian, European and American influences.  Our baked treats and desserts including cupcakes, layered cakes, brownies, and cheesecakes have exceptional flavors that are carefully crafted from organic and natural raw ingredients.  The staff of TeaHouse have a singular vision to enrich people’s lives with their extraordinary baking and handcrafted combinations of flavors and textures.

Our Philosophy


At TeaHouse, our love for creating healthy savory and pastry recipes is our passion and our career. We value a respectful work environment and treat our customers, business associates, and employees with respect, care and professionalism.  Our emphasis on organic and natural sourcing reflects our commitment to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


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